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Massage and Bodywork, serving San Diego communities including North Park, Normal Heights, Kensington, Hillcrest, City Heights, Bankers Hill, Midcity area and more

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Experience the therapuetic power of touch.  Find harmony  for your mind, body and spirit.  Open yourself to the intuitive self-healing properties your body already possesses.  Jean’s studio is located in San Diego's Midcity, North Park community.  Her massage is a heart centered practice, connecting to your spirit, encouraging your own heart to open to the possibilities that surround you.

Trained at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, Jean offers a unique attention to detail and close intuitive spiritual connection with her clients.  Known for its long t’ai chi-like integrative body strokes, Esalen Massage® awakens awareness and opens/softens tissue and muscle restrictions.  It empowers each individual to regain a sense of harmony, reverence, balance and to awaken inner resources for healing.  Jean also incorporates aspects of Thai and Japanese Anma into her Esalen massage sessions.

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Jean’s own personal transformation has instilled a deep respect for the healing power of touch and somatic mind-body healing and her wish to share this gift with others.  Her massage is unique in that it reflects an attitude as well as a technique … an attitude about caring, touching, emotional/energy awareness and spiritual healing … for both the client and the practitioner.  We come together in a respectful atmosphere, full with the potential for loving kindness and healing.

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Anahata is the heart chakra, the center of compassion, love and devotion.  It is also the unstruck sound, the sound of the celestial realm.

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"The skin, the flexible continuous caparison of our bodies, like a cloak covers us all over.  It is the oldest and the most senstiive of our organs, our first medium of communication, and our most efficient protector.  The whole body is covered by skin." Touching by Ashley Montagu

"By touching a body, we touch every event it has experienced. For a few brief moments we hold all of a client's stories in our hands.  We witness someone's experience of their own flesh, through some of the most powerful means possible: the contact of our hands, the acceptance of the body without judgment, and the occasional listening ear.  With these gestures we reach across the isolation of the human experience and hold another person's legend.  In massage therapy, we show up and ask, in so many ways, what it is like to be another human being.  In doing so, we build a bridge that may heal us both.” Tracy Walton, The Health History of a Human Being